The Heath


Out on the heath

For our guests in Wiecheln and Pommoissel we worked out extensive tours and excursions (on foot, by bike or by car), which take visitors through the surrounding areas of Göhrde and of course to the various parts of the Lüneburg heath. Amongs which are all large areas of the heath, the conservation area of Lüneburg Heath, with the Wilseder mountain (the most well known area), the South Heath near Hermannsburg, the Nemitzer Heath near Lüchow and the most mysterious part of the heath, Breeser Bruch in Göhrde.

The Breeser Bruch (where these photos are taken) is easily the most natural and unspoilit part of the Lüneburg Heath. It lies hidden in the former imperial hunting forests of Göhrde and is relatively unknown by locals. So it is often the case that one can go walking there even at weekend or when the weather is particular fine, without meeting anyone. The heath is especially romantic there and is interspersed by many old, knotted oaks. Everything appears untouched and in certain weather conditions the landscape is quite incredible.

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